Le Jardin

15th Anniversary Tomato Dinner

Le Jardin Celebrates Summer with 15th Anniversary Tomato Dinner

Chef Tag Grandgeorge of Le Jardin is hosting the 15th anniversary Tomato Dinner August 31and September 1. Grandgeorge will be paying homage to his first dinner at the ArtHouse on Ingersoll by recreating the inaugural menu along with additional, new selections. The five course menu* includes:

Amuse Bouche

Gazpacho Verde, snake melon, pickled onion, avocado oil

Michelada con Camerones- Imperial Stout and Mountain Magic tomato water cocktail, clam juice, sriracha powder, bacon fat sautéed shrimp, hard boiled egg, smoked almonds


Crab Salad, Aleppo pepper, Cherokee Purple tomato, basil vinaigrette

Blueberry & Garlic Chicken Pate, blistered Sun Gold tomatoes, mango vinegar, garlic aioli

Salade de Tomate

Sweet corn, zucchini & Italian Heirloom tomato verrine- cumin vinaigrette, dill, chorizo, basil, mascarpone crema

Three Little Pigs “BLT” salad, crispy pig ears, peppered bacon, smoked pork butt, romaine, Ananas Noir tomatoes, buttermilk dressing


Black garlic white bass, Indian Woman Yellow beans, roasted radish, Dad’s Orange tomatoes, saffron vinaigrette

Moroccan roasted Willwerth Farm leg of Lamb, lentils, chickpeas, caramelized onions, braising sauce, Brandywine tomatoes

Ratatouille Omelet, eggplant, zucchini, garden peppers, Pernod spiked San Marzano red sauce, feta cheese, basil

Korean BBQ Pork Collar, Berkwood Farms Berkshire pork collar, Wu-Wu sauce, Black cherry tomato, cucumber and onion salad


Absinthe Pot de Crème, infused custard, Green Zebra tomato jam, Absinthe marinated blueberries

Olive Oil and Cornmeal Cake, basil meringue, strawberry, kiwi & Mountain Magic tomato sauce

Green Tomato, Peach & Raspberry Cobbler, Bauder’s Vanilla Ice Cream

This year, Le Jardin has grown 6 heirloom varietals at Le Jardin Garden located at Rooster Ridge in Van Meter. Additional heirloom tomatoes will be supplied by local farmers including Jennie Smith’s Butcher Crick Farm, Dogpatch Urban Gardens and Rooster Ridge.

The 15th anniversary Tomato Dinner is a reservation only summer dining experience you do not want to miss. The five course dinner is $56 per person. Seating are available from 5:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. each evening. Early seating allow for a two-hour dining experience. Please call 515-255-5787 for reservations.

Le Jardin is located at 2815 Beaver Avenue, Suite 310 and serves dinner Thursday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Le Jardin is open for brunch Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Menus and specials can be found at lejardindsm.com.

*The recreated inaugural menu items are denoted in red.